War Robots Cheats : The Complete Beginners Guide

war robots cheats

War Robots Game Cheats

War Robots is a multiplayer Robot Battle game where you will find more than 50 robots which you can equip with the best weapons like ballistic missions, plasma cannons, and the most famous giant guns.

Developed by Pixonic, this action game offers you a place to show who is the best commander around. If you are a beginner in the game, then we have something in store for you. Read the article below to know more about some war robots cheats, tips, and tricks to earn more coins.

Top War Robots Cheats to Earn More Coins

Find your Perfect Robot Family

Finding a perfect family of robots in the game is the first war robots cheats. As you know, first things first!! You have to take out the best-equipped Robots for your team. Your Robot family is the only source for winning your battles in the game, especially in big fights.

  • Choose the best robots as soon as you start the battles you would not be able to win those big battles playing solo.
  • In big battles, you need all-round protection from the enemies for which you need your teammates.
  • To get the best family of robots, you need to do proper research for the robots first.

Complete Individual Missions

War Robots is all about battles, and if you want to earn more coins, you have to fight more battles. The more campaigns you play, the more will be your coins and rankings. There are different sets of missions available in the game, including some individual Missions.

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These single missions can be Great War robots cheats for earning the right amount of coins. Although the amount offered in the game, each Mission is not much but can help a lot to maintain your account of coins. There are several rewards available in the game like coins, gold, and even silver as well.

Take Part in Group Missions

Just like individual missions, there are some group missions available in game as well. These group missions are the best war robots hack and offer high rewards other than single Missions.

  • For family missions, you need to pick the right family of robots first along with some great weapons.
  • However, to choose the right family in the game for earning huge rewards, you need to spend some of your coins to unlock and upgrade Robots with higher abilities.
  • Robots with more exceptional abilities can increase the number of your total winnings.

Train Your Robots

To make your robots more powerful, you have to train them well; it is the typical war robots hack. At first, there will be four training camps in the game, and you have to take all of them.

  • A well-trained group of Robots will have a fantastic effect against your enemies. You have to train all your Robots regularly to upgrade them faster.
  • Training has several benefits from making your robots powerful to earn coins and other rewards.

Buy a Hanger of Cossacks

Cossacks are robots equipped with some special abilities which can beat your enemies like a Pro. The first thing you should do after earning sufficient amount of gold and silvers coins is buying a hanger of Cossacks. These are best war robots hack for defeating slower enemies but a weaker player to fight against more powerful enemies.

  • It has several abilities like capturing beacons from a distance, jumping higher at the top to get closer to the enemies and the best among all is dodging against the shots by enemies.
  • It has excellent dodging skills which help them to stay in the battle for a long time without being hit.
  • Orkan and Punisher MK2 are the best equipment suitable for the Cossacks.

Save Your Gold and Silver

The best among war robots cheats we can give you is to keep your gold and silver with you for a long time in the game.

  • You don’t have to upgrade your robots at the beginning of the game.
  • Save all your gold and silver for the higher stages of the game, especially the gold coins as they are essential among all.
  • You will require those gold coins for buying hanger slots in the game in the later stages.

Take care of the weapons

Weapons are more critical than the Robots in War Robots. Besides putting your efforts into upgrading robots, you should shift your focus on their arms; then you can perform war robots hack.

  • These weapons can ensure your success in the game. Upgrading Robots is also essential but not as much as the weapons are.
  • You will require the best weapons to combat the deadliest robots. So, it is better to keep them upgraded.

Try Your Luck on Free-For-All modes

These Free-For-All or FFA modes are great war robots cheats of earning rewards in War Robots. These FFA battles are a fascinating and exciting concept.  Everyone fights with each other in this mode. The entire players in the campaigns have to fight for their good, not for any team.

  • Here, everyone is an enemy for the other one. To ensure more rewards, this FFA mode is a good option.
  • One drawback about this mode is you will reach the higher levels after defeating enemies. Now you must be thinking, why it is a drawback? It is a drawback because there will be stronger and powerful robots in the higher levels for which you require better Robots and weapons
  • You only have to stop killing your enemies for some time until you get the right weapons. But, it’s better to fight more FFA for better rewards.

Keep Grinding In the Diamond League

As we have mentioned above, you have to keep yourself out of danger until you get the right Robots and weapons. The best war robots hack to stay away from this problem is to keep grinding in the diamond league.

  • Keep playing the battles in Diamond League over and over again.
  • Once you proceed further, you have to fight against the deadliest and more robust robots and defeating them is impossible without the right equipment and strategy.
  • Grinding in the Diamond League will help you learn deeply about the strategies and earning stable and enough rewards for buying weapons and upgrading your robots.

Use Thunder, Boa and Orkan for More Damage

These three can be excellent cheats for war robots on capping beacons. Once you get them unlocked, start using them rather than Cossacks. Capping beacons is not only recommended.

  • You would not be able to earn more while only capping beacons. You have to ensure more damages to your enemies for better rewards and rankings.
  • Thunder does significant damages to enemies with closer contacts. It can jump and run closer towards the opponent and damage them effectively.
  • But he is weak at shooting from distances. For more significant damage amounts, your robots should have excellent dodging skills.

Upgrade your Plasma Weapons

Plasma weapons are hard to get but make sure to upgrade them for better results once you get them.

  • Cheats for war robots are to upgrade them at least to the level 12 to get access to ensure adequate damages.
  • Taran and magnum are the star players in this category. Both of them are great at damaging opponents within a short time.

Use Griffins for distant shots

Griffins are considered as one of the most durable robots having a total of four weapons. These four weapons consist of two medium and two light hardpoints which benefits them to fight more effectively in the battlefield.

  • They also have jumping abilities which make them stand out from all.
  • If you have them unlocked then use them to ensure your victory in the battles.
  • They work best for shooting from a distance, which is an excellent benefit of having them.
  • They have the capacity for shooting from more than 350 meters.

Play Key Chests

There are also some Key chests in War Robots. Always keep your keys saved for the Key chests.

  • These Key chests can make you earn a large amount of money in the game.
  • So better focus on these chests for some unique rewards.

Join a Team or Play Solo

Here you have the advantage of playing with a team. To earn more money, you can opt for the team.

  • You can join an already formed team or can create your team or play solo, and it is all your choice.
  • Always try to join an already formed team as it costs too much to build your team.
  • Building a team can cast too many coins which you cannot afford here.

Upgrade your family

It is better to keep your robot family updated for higher results. The powers of your robots increase each time you level them up. To make the most of them, keep them upgraded.

War Robots cheats for beginners

There are some best robots which you can opt as a beginner in the game which gives the best result.

  • Many players like Taran, Magnum and Orkan; since they are sufficient to do considerable damages as well as are easy to handle by beginners.
  • Do not go after high ranking robots at first. Once you understand them correctly, you can proceed to other top-ranking robots.

Beware about the scam of war robots hack apk

Similar to our advice against the online war robots generator, we also make you aware of the mod apk through this article. The reason why you should not use war robots mod apk is as follows:

  • Mod Apk files are not trustable file types and should not be downloaded.
  • There are chances that these files may contain harmful malware.
  • Many people have lost their account for using mod files, and we don’t want you to lose them.
  • You will not get an automatic update of the game in war robots mod apk
  • Lastly, these mod files do not give you any benefit.

All the above reason are adequate to decide for you that you will never download from any war robots hack apk.


Android market is flooding with many Action RPG with team building games which are majorly built in with a similar concept. Only a few that create a difference attract most of the gamers and War Robots is one of them.

Before robots dominate the world, experience the master ownership of these robots in the game and through our War Robots cheats to enjoy the best of it. Also, say no to fake war robots generator sites and play the game safely.

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