The Sims Mobile Ultimate Playing Guide

the sims mobile guide

The Sims Mobile is an exciting game that needs no introduction. In this

post, we bring you the Ultimate guide to those advanced players who have overcome the beginner’s hurdles.

Careers And Hobbies

Careers are an essential part of any Sims series game as it provides your Sim with the bread and butter in the game. Once you complete a career-specific event, you are awarded some career token, and that is useful to choose your new career.

the sims mobile career and hobbies

  • In the bottom right corner of your game, you have the career chapter, and you can choose the events from them. Choose activities and careers and start without any lookout. Choosing a job is more comfortable in virtual life than the real one.
  • Some of the career jobs require time to complete. You can engage your Sim in the role and leave them. The event will be automatically finished.
  • There are a short shift and long shift of works in the game. It is always preferable to take longer turns to move up in a career. However, you need to optimise your energy in that case.
  • Similar to the career, you can select different hobbies which require you to collect hobby points.
  • Careers and Hobbies can be changed at any time, but you need sufficient token for them. You must not change them very frequently before you get adequate benefits from one.

Energy Meter

In Sims mobile, you require energy to perform anything. Be it your career or hobbies or parties. However, the best part of the Energy meter is it is auto-filled with time. You get one energy every two minutes.

the sims mobile energy meter

However, there are other ways to get some energies in the game instantly using working the sims mobile cheats which are trusted and legal to use.

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  • Bed-every 23 hours accessible, provides ten energy points.
  • Toilet-accessible every 2 hours, provides two energy points.
  • Shower- every 5 hours, it can be used, it gives five energy points.
  • Bath- only is accessible from the 17th stage. It provides 15 energy levels every 10 hours.

Proper optimization of Energy meter is an essential job. In real-time, you have to use your morning gameplay and night planning optimally to use the energy suitably.


Players can participate in up to two parties every day and begin to host one in a week. Each Guest share ten energy points among the attending Sims. Hosts require their regular rate of energy bar consumption.

  • Look for parties that provide your Sims with the hobby and professional career activities. When you locate a party, you will see this mentioned as “Ideal Attendees.”
  • Get 3 points to win the Party’s Life prize to give you a group cake and some Simoleons.
  • Once all 10 of your team energy has been used up, you can quit the party. Other players who see the group will still see your Sim.
  • Hosting a group on days where you have plenty of leisure moment is ideal, so you can monitor your event and do loads of things to create it a success.

Here comes the end of our Ultimate guide on the Sims Mobile. Follow them all to have great success in your game.

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