Pokémon Masters Cheats That Beginners Should Keep In Mind!

cheats for pokemon masters

In order to be a superior player in Pokémon Masters, you should level up faster and pay equal attention to the various aspects.

The game includes unique features that make it more popular among game enthusiasts from all around the world.

When you start playing this game, then you will find it a little tricky, but after doing practice for a few days, you can reveal the secrets to achieve a better position.

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How to acquire coins?

Collecting coins is not as easy as you think while playing Pokémon Masters. If you are trying to acquire a good number of coins, then you will have to spend a lot of time while playing the game.

When you take part in the battles, then you should implement some good tips and tricks which will help you to win. In this way, you can get a lot of coins in the form of rewards.

With the help of these coins, you can easily buy various items from the game store to meet your requirements. There are many other specific tasks that you should complete properly to obtain coins.

Obtain gems with ease!

As you read earlier, coins are the primary currency that can be earned in numerous ways. Well, gems also play a vital role in the game that you can earn or acquire by knowing how to hack pokemon masters legally.

Gems can be either purchased from the store, or you can acquire it in the form of rewards. When you complete several missions or login the game, then you will be rewarded with the specific number of gems.

Claim your rewards and load your account with unlimited gems. After this, use gems wisely to make purchases or upgrades.

Star power-ups

If you are playing Pokémon Masters, then you may also know about star power-ups. With the help of using these power-ups, you can easily level up your Pokémon and complete many other tasks.

Some beginners want to know how to get these star power-ups in an easy manner. In order to acquire these power-ups, you need to pull a sync pair more than five times.

If you want to get them quickly, then you will have to spend a lot of gems. You can also take part in the story events where you can easily get the items like star power-ups with ease.

Avoid using auto-battle

While playing Pokémon Masters, you will also get the option of the auto-battle that you can use whenever you want.

Some players think that it is a time-saver, but it also creates various issues for the beginners. At the initial stages of the game, you shouldn’t use this mode because AI always uses the highest-powered mode first.

You can easily defeat the opponents by using the normal moves so you should avoid using auto-battle at the initial stages of the game.

First of all, try to create a strong team and level up your performance and then take the benefits of autoplay.

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