Pixel Gun 3D Beginners Guide for New Players

Beginners Guide

Pixel Gun 3D is a fantastic first-person shooting game introduced for Android and iOS devices. Every  player in the game needs to survive in a world full of dangerous zombies and enemies. With the help of powerful guns, they can kill all zombies besides can progress in the game.

Lots of exciting tasks, missions, levels, challenges, rewards, features, functions are added in the game, which makes it fabulous as compared to others.

There is no need to pay any cent for downloading or running the game as it is entirely free offered, but some features are purchasable.

Playing Pixel Gun 3D smoothly may help users to reduce mental stress, enhance gaming skills besides explore endless entertainment.

Well, if you are a beginner in the Pixel Gun 3D game, try to focus on pixel gun 3d beginners guide below. It helps you to play the game smoothly and enjoying more without facing any issue.


Weapons play a vital role in the game as from it; you are able to destroy all enemies or zombies. Choosing a powerful weapon against monsters helps you to save more lives and progress faster like no one another can.

Hundreds of different weapons added in the game from which you can choose any one as per in-game currencies. Always try to choose a powerful weapon with high damage features.

On the other hand, if you have a sufficient amount of currencies and can’t purchase a new weapon, don’t forget to upgrade the existing one. Upgrading current weapons may enhance damage, power, and other abilities faster.

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Keep moving

The efficient and most natural thing that every player needs to do in the Pixel Gun 3D game keeps moving. Standing on a specific place is a place of death as many zombies are ready to kill you.

They can attack in different forms, so it’s better for a player to move further in order to achieve the objective. Follow the map correctly for going on the right path besides passing the finishing line.

Make sure that your weapon is reloaded timely while moving further as a simple mistake can end up the life.

Aim to head

If you are moving in slow speed or the objective is to kill all zombies, try to aim on the headshot. It may offer extra points, in game currencies, rewards, skill points as a bonus. As far as coins are concern, you can use these legit pixel gun 3d cheats to earn currency legally.

Along with other points or bonuses, you are going to grab high head points by performing this task. So, aim to headshot for grabbing extra benefit without getting stressed or tensed.


A lot of mission maps are available in the game in different sizes. Choosing the right map according to free time, requirements, and needs, helps you to progress faster.

Performing all tasks timely or as per real-life schedule, permit users to enjoy the game more besides reducing stress. Different maps include different objectives, so don’t forget to choose the right one after reading all the details.

If you are looking for an exciting shooting or missions’ game, then you should try the Pixel Gun 3D game once.

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