Marvel Contest of Champions Hack for Free Crystals

marvel contest of champions hack

Marvel contest of champions is an excellent Marvel RPG game. Among the various RPG that you get from the Android market, it is a bit different and favourable for those players who do not want to take the pain on collecting in-game currency and heroes. Multiple options in the game enable you to play them smoothly.

In this article, we will furnish you all marvel contest of champions cheats for collecting crystals that are used to summon new heroes.

Daily Login Bonus

Similar to other games Marvel contest of champions gives you free crystals for becoming a consistent player. All you need to do is log in the game every day and collect the Crystals. But the sad thing is these crystals do not accumulate. So if you do not play the game any day you return back to day one.

We have a hack that is useful in this regard. Keep your phone notification on for the game. It will notify you about the daily login bonus. When you see the notification, you can get the crystal merely logging in the game. If you do not want to play further, you can exit.

Joining Bonus

When you complete the joining tutorial, you are awarded fifty Units. Units are the strongest currency of the game that can give you anything in return. The joining bonus of 50 Units is the easiest way to make your first Summon in the game. In this way, you will get higher chances to get a three to five- star hero.

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Play Quests

The gameplay is favourable as you know the rewards that you will get from the quests. Instead of getting random rewards after completing a Quest when you do it for a targeted one, it becomes easier. You can choose the quests that give you crystals as rewards. Another great form is to collect Units since you can get legendary Crystals in exchange of units.

Free Crystals every Four Hours

Marvel contest of Champions free crystal is another excellent reward that you get every four hours. Even though these crystals generate random heroes, it is beneficial to collect. You can use the unwanted heroes in levelling up your stronger heroes. So if you get a single star hero to use it for upgrading your three or four-star heroes.

Daily Free Crystals

Apart from the Login Bonus, you get one free crystal every twenty-four hours. When you have a notification to collect the Crystal, then you will not forget to receive them. But do not delay to collect the Crystal as the next counting of 24 hour starts as you obtain it. So if you delay you will lose time.

Final Words

When you know all these hacks to get crystals you need not bother about getting stronger heroes or levelling them up. The ultimate hack is here. On daily login bonus, you get a legendary hero on every seventh day. So happy summoning.

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