Jackpot Party Casino Slots Resources Guide

jackpot party casino resources guide

There is one sort of game in especially when it happens to casino gaming which draws more attention than any other.

In brief, we are speaking regarding slot machines, Jackpot Party Casino, a popular free-to-play casino slot provider that offers a range of slots games on Facebook as well as through handheld devices.

If you’ve been playing at other traditional slots, you’re well aware of the drill. Here you are going to unlock more slots as you play more. Also, if you are not willing the action to stop, there’s the option to buy more coins from the game store.

Jackpot Party Casino Slots

Once you begin to play as shown at Jackpot Party for the first time, you can only pick from a couple of slots. But you can still search the whole range, showing over 70 different spaces. As you level up in the game, you unlock more slots.

Jackpot Party Casino Levelling up

It takes patience to unlock the slots, so you need to keep playing a lot and spin as much as you can. To be precise, by completing spins on the different slot machines that are open to you, you can gain access to play more slot machines.

Higher bet spins will give you more EXP and accelerate towards your next level. You will be able to unlock new games every five levels. So when you play continuously, you can play several slots at a time.

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Jackpot Party Casino game currency

Once you begin to play at the Jackpot Party for the first time, you’ll get what looks like a lot of credits to play worth of several million, plus immediate bonuses.

These are the initial boost to start the game. You will also receive millions of daily rewards, including smaller rewards every time you accomplish a new level, including frequent bonuses.

Coins are essential to play the game without interruption. You can gain more coins with higher bets from the game. The daily task is also another excellent path to grab the coins without playing spins. The accomplishment of the daily task also unlocks some additional rewards.

Jackpot Party Casino Rewards

Jackpot Party often provides players with the opportunity through their Rewards Program to earn prizes. It is an excellent loyalty program for players which offers additional benefits to those who perform here regularly as well as to those who buy stuff from the store.

You do not need to spend anything to get these rewards. As you play the game, you will start with Bronze status, which is increased to five other statuses. Gathering status points through various achievements is the easiest way to go further up in the tier.


Jackpot Party became one of the most popular social casino slots around the mobile gaming world, with millions of active people enjoying every week. You can easily see why the gamers are returning: it’s fascinating to combine regular rewards pay-outs and a vast range of slots, mainly when it falls to free gaming.

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