How to Succeed In the Toon Blast Game Faster? – 3 Simple Tricks

how to succeed in toon blast game

Are you trying to level up more quickly in the Toon Blast game? Desire to become a pro player or grab more benefits?

If yes, in order to solve all queries, players are suggested to focus on the forthcoming content more. Here we are going to mention some pro tips and tricks that you need to adopt in Toon Blast game.

Also, concentrating on the gameplay and tutorial helps you to learn basics, controls, and features faster. Before directly jumping to tips and strategies, let’s have a quick overview of the Toon Blast game once.

Toon Blast is a fun-loving match-3 puzzle game introduced for Android and iOS devices by Peak Games. The game is entirely free to play as it doesn’t include any app purchases feature.

Lots of loving cartoon characters, challenges, missions are added in the game, which makes it amazing. Passing each level permits the cartoon characters to travel in different magical worlds.

Know your combos

In order to make a big blast of cubes and to complete the challenge faster, try to learn various combos.

At every level, you are able to create some combos from which you can destroy more than 30% cubes at a single time. There are three different kinds of combos added in the game named as-

  • Rocket– combining five same color cubes permits you to create a rocket. The missile can be directed in any row or column to destroy any direction. Depending upon the blocks you used to make, this combo helps to know how much amount the cubes can be dissolved.
  • Bomb– in order to get this combo, you need to combine seven same color cubes. It can destroy eight cubes in a row or column.
  • Disco ball– it is considered as one of the best combos as from it, they can damage the same color cubes quickly. Depending upon the color, you choose it can ruin all cubes of the same color. Always choose the right shade of this combo in order to make a big blast.

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Take advantage of potent teams

After reaching the 20th level of the Toon Blast game, players are able to create or join a strong team. After creating or joining a group, you can take help from teammates to complete the level faster like no one another can.

It helps all the players to level up more quickly with the help of powerful teammates. Also, they can gain more toon blast hack, techniques, bonus, in game currencies, rewards as well as cool prizes.


There are many boosters available in the game, that helps an individual to pass the level as soon as possible. Using boosters correctly in hard situations permits all of them to gain extra benefits without getting stressed or tensed.

These boosters are not natural to learn in the Toon Blast game but also not impossible. With the help of coins as well as game chests, you can increase supporters in a sufficient amount. Some boosters are-

  • Hammer
  • Dice
  • Boxing glove
  • Anvil

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