How to Rapidly Level Up in DragonVale Game

level up indragon vale game

In this article we are going to focus on how to rapidly level up in the dragonvale game, There are many guides on the internet but we will try to elaborate the process pointwise which will help all the gamers who are in hurry to get pass all the levels of dragon vale without spending any real money online. So without waiting further lets get started now.

Leveling up depends mostly on earning as much XP as possible. It may take years for you to reach 100+ levels, but thankfully, there are ways in which you can make fast progress on a daily basis.

  • Finishing Level Objectives Goals- Earn DragonCash and XP by breeding and hatching as many hybrid dragons as possible on a regular basis. This game is meant to be a slow burn. Take advantage of the daily login awards to get free XP Boosters.
  • Purchasing Decorations – Earn XP by purchasing decorations. Specific decorations that cost 1 DragonCash give players 1 XP for purchase.
  • Breed Dragons – The most obvious way to earn XP is to complete the basic objective of the game – breed a lot of dragons. Hybrid dragons make you the most XP, so try and combine as many dragon types as possible.
  • Feed Dragons – Keep spending DragonCash on buying food and feed your dragons as regularly as possible.
  • Grow Your Own Treats – Always keep your treat farm full. Grow as many treats as possible, as doing so gives you a chance to earn XP.
  • Run Kairos Quests – Completing one Kairos quest gives you 5% of the total XP you need to level up.
  • The Colosseum – Pick your highest-level dragon. Match it with the prescribed material in the ‘today’s event’ section. Collect your XP after 23 hours. Winning a gold medal in the Colosseum gets you XP and DragonCash as well. By level 16 or your top dragons will almost certainly win one gold medal. Earning silver and bronze medals is also a profitable option.
  • If all the above tips are used and if you want to use something different then don’t shy away for using dragonvale hack apk which are legal to use in the game.

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Always watch out for Colosseum events and Rift Airships. Select your best dragon to compete in the event. The maximum prize for winning in the Colosseum is 1 million XP, so keep practicing and aim for the jackpot!

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