Creative Destruction Game Beginners Guide

Creative Destruction is an exciting sandbox survival game besides the Battle Royale game introduced for iOS and Android devices. Each player in the game aims to survive until the end by killing all enemies.

A group of hundred people is transported in a plane or through any mode over a particular island.

Players need to land using parachute besides need to find different weapons, armors in buildings/houses. The player who survives till last by killing all other players’ is the winner of the Creative Destruction game.

creative destruction beginners guide

Beginners Guide for Creative Destruction

You need to stay focused on the battlefield and need to find other players to kill them. A single mistake can take your life, so avoid enemies attack by using powerful armors.

When players progress in Creative Destruction game, they need to face more challenges, hard missions for passing.

Playing the game smoothly, allow all gamers to reduce mental stress as well as explore endless entertainment. If you are a newbie to Creative Destruction game, then stay focused on forthcoming content.

It helps you to enjoy the game more besides understand every single fact.

Game Modes in Creative Destruction

Lots of game modes are available which you can play smoothly without paying any expense. Listed below are some of the best cheats to use in creative destruction game. Lets check them out.

  • Classic

Classic mode included in regular game mode in which players need to complete simple tasks. Gamers can either play solo, dual, or with a group of five people in classic mode.

creative destruction classic

Well, playing in a group helps you to progress in Creative Destruction game faster as they are able to offer to survive when you fired by enemies. In other words, teammates are able to revive each other when they get defeated by enemies/other players.

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  • Defeat The Captain

In this mode of Creative Destruction game, players are divided into two major groups (red and blue). Your aim in this mode is to kill the captain of the team first before you get defeated by them. Yes, it is hard to find the captain, but some challenge provides more happiness.

Weapons in Creative Destruction Game

There are different weapons as well as items are available in the game, which helps you to defeat all enemies. Using powerful weapons with extraordinary skill help a user to keep succeed in Creative Destruction game without facing any issue.

creative destruction weapons

Weapons in Creative Destruction

In regular mode, players can find the weapons in buildings, houses, or in trucks. Each weapon contains a rarity color, which shows how much the weapon is powerful. High rarity weapon is more powerful than low rarity.

So try to find the best weapon with which you can aim higher besides can make headshots. Some kinds of weapons are listed below-

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • Rifles
  • Sniper
  • Submachine guns
  • Special weapons
  • Throwables

Play Often And Enjoy

If you want to progress in the game faster like no one another can, try to play the game more than three times a day. It permits all the users to understand controls, weapons, modes, strategies, landings, and so on necessary things.

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