Covet Fashion Cheats To Play The Game Better

covet fashion cheats

Are you trying to succeed in Covet Fashion game faster? Want to make a charming Avatar as soon as possible? To achieve all targets, players need to pay more attention to upcoming content.

Here we are going to mention some master Covet Fashion Cheats which help you to enjoy the game more, play smoothly, besides getting a chance to become a top model. Top real-life brands are added in the game to give it’s a perfect or 3D look as compared to other users.

Well before discussing main ways to progress faster, let’s have a quick review of Covet Fashion game once.

Covet Fashion is an exciting virtual style/fashion-based game introduced for both iOS as well as Android platforms. The set includes tons of fashionable items, exciting tasks, and rewards, which help users to explore endless fun, learn new designs also reduce mental stress.

Top 5 Covet Fashion Cheats And Tips You Must Follow

1. Collect Diamonds And Tickets Every Day

Every 24 hours of Covet Fashion gives you free 100 diamonds and 20 tickets. Don’t miss the chance to collect some currencies free of cost without wasting efforts, money, or time. Players are suggested to login in the game daily to receive these rewards efficiently.

covet fashion tips

Diamonds can be used to purchase exclusive outfits, dressed, hairs for the Avatars. On the other hand, tickets are useful for taking participate in different challenges, events of Covet Fashion. Also, tickets help vote other player Avatar looks.

2. Complete Stylish Spree

Every weak there is an elegant spree held in Covet Fashion game. Entering a certain number of events offer bonus prizes to the users, which may vary timely. Winning bonus prizes allows you to obtain expensive brands quickly, besides progressing faster like no one another can. Along with these awesome tips one may also try proven covet cheats mentioned by this trusted source.

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Push yourself to participate in certain events which provide a good number of stylish spree prizes.

3. Hair, Skin, And Makeup

Hair, skin, and makeup can make a big difference to the overall look. In early stages, players don’t get good makeup kit also hairstyle, but with next levels, they can quickly get good material.

Earning in-game currencies allow players to unlock exclusive fashion material for making the Avatar more charming or a supermodel.

4. Get Better Ratings

Make your Avatar good looking, which attract other players to rate well. If a player gets four ratings on the model, he/she’ll receive simple prizes in Covet Fashion game. On the other hand, getting 4.5 ratings to offer 25 diamonds, besides over five ratings offers exclusive bonus prizes.

This is why all the players need to aim for higher ratings always while playing the game.

5. Pay Attention To Details

Winning in Covet Fashion game is not an easy task or not just about having an expensive outfit. Gamers need to pay attention to every single aspect of makeup, hairstyles, and costumes as well as on the skin tone.

They need to change the complete package and make it a supermodel to come at first place by defeating other players. Using the currencies wisely allows you to buy necessary items first for completing the challenges.

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