A Joodo Throw


Mailing List

We invite you to join our mailing list for news, updates, and cookies. (Well, photos of cookies.). Indeed, many of the creators of Joodo actively respond to the mailing list


If you have Leiningen and Git, it is easy to contribute to the Joodo project. Start by inputting these commands in your terminal:

git clone https://github.com/slagyr/joodo.git
cd joodo/joodo
lein compile
lein spec

Submit your patches via pull requests to Joodo's GitHub Repo.


We're always happy to answer any questions or provide any help we can. Join the Joodo channel using freenode's browser based IRC chat client.

Feature Request

As you use Joodo, you might get ideas for how to make it better. If you don't know have the technical knowledge to contribute the feature yourself but want to share your idea, submit it through Joodo's GitHub account.