AFK Arena Cheats for You

AFk Arena Cheats and Tricks

AFK Arena is a role-playing game with a wide range of beautiful stories and exciting adventures. The game is developed by Lilith Games and has gained millions of followers around the globe within a short period. In this article, we are going to tell you about some easy AFK arena cheats and tricks to earn in-game currencies.

AFK Arena Cheats, Tips and Tricks to Earn Diamonds and Coins

Play Daily and Weekly Quests

It is the most straightforward AFK arena hack to collect coins and diamonds in AFK Arena. There are a lot of daily and weekly quests in the game which takes only a few minutes of your day. Rewards will be added to your account with every quest you clear.

You can also earn diamonds and hero summons by playing these quests the will affect your AFK arena tier list. These two are an essential reward for playing further in the game.

Play the Bounty Board

Bounty board is another awesome AFK arena hack in the game, offering some exciting rewards in return.

At this level, you will have the option to play with your friends and the heroes of the game.

You can also choose to play on automatic mode where the game itself will do everything.

Playing on automatic mode does not mean you cannot make any changes further.

You will still have the option to make changes during the game.

Find Treasure Chests on Peaks of Time

AFK Arena Free Diamonds and Coins

In peaks of time, there will be two types of chests, namely, gold and crystal, which you have to play and find treasure.

These chests are excellent AFK arena hack and contain some hidden treasure which you have to find out using the map.

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In crystal chests, there is a lot of equipment and gears for your heroes which you can use later for upgrading their levels.

You can earn enough rewards at this level which will become more comfortable for you to proceed in the game or to upgrade your heroes.

The Arena of Heroes

It is the most competitive and deadliest level of the game. In this level, your heroes have to play a direct face-off against other teams of players.

Points will be added to your account for every correct move you perform. The exclusive AFK arena cheats of this level are, points are not given to the winners only, but they are issued according to their performances.

You can also play the two-day free trial of this level. The winning team will be decided based on the highest points in the game.

Be Ready To Take Risks

AFK Arena Strategy Guide

AFK Arena is full of risks and dangers, and if you are the one who fears risk, then this game is not for you.

Risk is the primary factor in the game without which winning is not easy like if you are not satisfied with your hero’s performance than you can also opt to switch players.

You can buy a hero with your currencies from AFK arena tier list if the cost of upgrading a hero is more than buying a new hero.

Use this AFK arena hack and your game will not affect if you are losing a level.

Keep Track on Power Level

The power level of your heroes affects mostly on their performance, and that is why you should check the power level of your heroes while choosing your team.

Their power level represents how dominating a hero is or how powerful they are.

You can check their power level by clicking on the icon placed near the rarity level. Players with a similar faction will be more compatible with earning enough HPs and boosts.

Refer a Friend

You can also earn a lot of in-game currencies by referring friends. The more friends you add, the more will be the chances of getting rewards. Try to add a minimum of 30 friends as it will help you to get more hearts and other awards.

Also, add friends who will send you gifts also as it will make it easier for you to buy a hero of your choice later.

Keep Your Heroes Upgraded

AFK Arena Heroes

Upgrading your heroes is the most important among AFK arena cheats. To earn more diamonds and coins, you have to keep all your heroes upgraded to the latest.

Make sure to spend your currency on only the primary heroes of your team.

AFK Arena Cheats Table to Earn Diamonds and Coins

AFK Arena Hack & CheatsRewardsFrequency
Level up rewards20 diamondsEvery level up
Every battle you win 2200 coinsEvery Battle
Competition rewards 4400 gold coinsVaries based on Events
Complete stage 3 50 diamondsOne time
Reach level 10 with a hero 20,000 gold coinsOne time
Reach player level 10 100 diamondsOne time
Accumulate 5000 coins 1000 coins bonusOne time
Acquire an elite hero 300 diamondsEach Hero
Complete chapter 1 600 diamondsOne time
Complete account registration 500 diamondsOne time
Event login day1 login500 diamondsDaily till event lasts

Realty of AFK Arena Cheats

Various cheat codes are available to you that may fascinate you with their trick on how to hack AFK Arena. But the reality is different than that is promised by these sites.

None of these AFK arena hack apk provides any diamond and coins. Instead, you have to earn them from the game.

You can even try the AFK arena mod apk files also. But unfortunately, they are all the same, fake. We have tried them but received nothing from them.

Final Words

AFK Arena is an excellent example of the RPG genre, and there are multiple options in it to engage you.

Once you have our AFK arena cheats in your bag, you can play it uninterruptedly. Don’t even go for any other method and stay safe.

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